????????: John Diaz

2014-04-16-20-16-40_deco[1]????? John Diaz ?????????? (???) ??????????????? John ?????????????????????????????????????????????? Keith Miller ??????????????? Primo ?????”Hey Brother!”?????????Primo ????Diaz†????????????????????????? ????????? Diaz †???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ?Miller ??†Five Star†? Diaz ?????????????? John? ????????????? ???? Five Star ????† ???????????????????? ?????? Keith?????????? (????????????????) ??? Spa ?????? Jeremy Engle — ?????????? — ?????????? Keith Miller ???????????????????? Keith ???????????????? † ??????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????”Scene”??????????? † ???????????????????? ???????? “?????” ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? No, no, no????? He just kept on saying the whole thing over and over, like ďI didnít.Ē And I donít want to sound cocky, but the other guy didnít have it.????? Keith ???????? ???????????Keith ????????????????????????????????????Keith ????????????????????? Keith is more like this is the scenario but I am not going to tell you the exact lines. I want you to feel your lines. Itís cool and different. But for a trained actor, itís like, You are giving me freedom? I never have freedom.??????????? ???????????????Keith ???????????????????????????????????????Keith ?????????John ???????????????? John ??????????????????????????? Keith tries to make it as much your life that is happening onscreen like your life offscreen.????????? Primo ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? (???????)??????????????????? Primo ???? Keith ???????????????????????????? John ?????/?? When I got the part, got the script, I was trying to figure out who this kid was. He is a Brooklyn kid, a kid who didnít know what he wants. When I came to any part where I was like I donít know how he feels, Keith would come to me and be like, ďHow would you feel? What would you do? Would John want to get up and fight him? Or would John want to get a gun and kill him?Ē

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