(image credit: cinnamonink.blogspot.com/???A. A. Milne/??? E.H. Shepard)

?????????????????????????1925?????????????????? A. A. Milne ????????????

????????????? Christopher Robin ?????????? 1977 ??? “Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh”??

C.R.: Pooh, what’s your favorite thing in the whole world? (???????????????????

??: My favorite thing is me coming to visit you, and then you ask, “How about a small smackeral???? of honey?” ????????????????????????

C.R.: I like that, too. But what I like most of all is just doing nothing. ???????????????????

Pooh: How do you do just nothing? (??? ‘?????’??

C.R.: Well, when grown-ups ask, “What are you going to do?” and you say, “Nothing,” and then you go and do it.? ‘?????’ ????????“??????” ????“???????”?


???????????????????????… ???????

????????????????????? nothing??????????Doing nothing ??????????????????????????? did nothing ?????????????



????????????????“???????????” ?????????

?? Cognition ?? 2011 ?????????????????????? 

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? — ???????????? Alejandro Lleras — ? ScienceDaily ?????????????????????????

For 40 or 50 years, most papers published on the vigilance decrement treated attention as a limited resource that would get used up over time, and I believe that to be wrong. You start performing poorly on a task because you’ve stopped paying attention to it. But you are always paying attention to something.”




???smackeral ??????????????????????????????????????????????a smackeral of honey ?????????

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