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When the going gets tough the tough gets going


???????????????????image credit: Web/Chris Ware?

???? tough???????????????

  • ??????????? — This leather is tough, it will last a long time??????????????????
  • ????? — “Peter, you overcooked the steak, it’s too tough now!”??????????????????????
  • ????????????? — Uncle Bill is as tough as an ox, he never backs down???????????????

??????? tough luck ?????????????

?????????when the going???/???gets tough, the tough gets going?”get going” ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? going ? tough ????????????/???/???????????????


Hey, I am sorry about what happened. But cheer up, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Trust me, it will be better????????????????????????????????????????

???? Sherry ?????????????????????????????????hen the going gets tough, the tough gets going????

???????????Sherry ??????????



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