????????? “Never say never!”

???????????????????????… ??????????

???????? Okay??image credit: Huffpost?

???????????It pays to be nice??????????




??What do you do??????????
??I work nearby, you know, have to go back to work and write.????????????????????


??Oh, if I am a writer in New York, I would tell everyone I am one. ?????????????????????????????

???????????????????… ???????????

?: I am a construction worker. If you ever need a revolving, 360° bathroom, I am your man!???????????????360????????????????

????????? ???????????????????????360???????????????? $4 ????????????????????????????????????????????… ????????? $3???????????? $1????????????????????

??????????????????“Never say never!” ?????????????

???????????????????????????????????????????????????“Hey, never say never”???????????????A???B??????????A???: “Be nice, he may one day be your boss. Never say never”???????????????????????????????

???never say never???????????????????????

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